31 May 2019

VIVA LAS VEGAS: Gemfields Gemstones Dazzle on Display at Couture

Gemfields is proud to be at the heart of the new responsible sourcing movement sweeping through this year’s Couture Las Vegas, one of the largest luxury jewellery and timepiece shows in the world.

Our coloured gemstones will feature in bespoke fine jewellery from Valani Atelier, showing at Couture for the very first time, New York based Misahara and the signature designs of the fine jewellery house of Paul Morelli.     New York based Valani specialises in innovative and responsibly sourced bespoke pieces. Heena Shah, Valani Atelier’s designer, has a love of emeralds – favouring special cuts for her intricate rings – and her insistence on the integrity of every component means Gemfields’ responsibly sourced coloured gemstones are ideal for her new collections. “Sourcing emeralds and rubies from Gemfields supports Valani Atelier’s mission of responsible sourcing and transparency in the jewellery industry,” explains Heena. “Collaborating with people around the world to create incredibly rich pieces in a sustainable way that is equitable and uses materials responsibly is the most rewarding aspect of my career.”  The bewitching Crosby Pair earrings feature two mesmerising Zambian emeralds, totalling 6.71ct, while the Arduin Ruby Set presents an arresting array of over 11ct of perfectly matched rubies with 6ct diamonds set in 18k white gold.     The fine jewellery House of Paul Morelli is rooted in his parents’ family tradition of hand stitched theatre costumes. Paul Morelli’s luxury fine jewellery - from made-to-order, to timeless classics, to signature pieces – blends this tradition with current influences. Paul explains, “I select Gemfields’ magnificent emeralds for one-of-a-kind designs. Each hand-crafted piece is set and customised in creative coordination with the dazzling gem.” For 35 years, his made-in-America fine jewellery has been sought after by celebrity stylists, luxury retailers and discerning clientele around the world and this year’s showstopper, his newest piece, is no exception. On display at Couture Las Vegas for the first time, this dazzling ring features a 5.88ct Zambian emerald framed by 7 carats of diamonds set in platinum. Paul’s fascination with emeralds is rooted in their history. “Emeralds have been sought after and prized for centuries. Ancient civilisations independently held this quintessentially green gemstone in the highest esteem.”     Gemfields has collaborated with Misahara, the New York fine jewellery house, in three one-of-a-kind new designs for Misahara’s bespoke TIME Collection, dedicated to our most elusive and precious commodity. In this collection, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Mishara’s founder and designer, honours the passing of time to call attention to the sustainability issues facing the world, a philosophy dear to Gemfields. “Misahara is committed to using only the highest quality gemstones and working with Gemfields has allowed us access to the very best the world has to offer," says Lepa. Misahara’s measure of future success is based on sustainable practices at every level of the supply chain. The house asserts: “Doing so requires reliable partners that are extremely trustworthy; we feel confident we have such a partner in Gemfields.