2 May 2023

Emeralds in the spotlight for the verdant month of May

Birthstone gifting is on the rise – and those with birthdays in May are in luck, as emeralds are the birthstone for the month synonymous with spring and new beginnings.


Emeralds are the most beloved of gems – one of the ‘big three’ coloured gemstones, alongside rubies and sapphires – making a piece of emerald jewellery a gift worth cherishing. As a world leading miner of responsible coloured gemstones and majority owner of the Kagem emerald mine in Zambia, Gemfields is proud to have supplied some of the finest emeralds ever seen.


Rarer and often dearer than colourless diamonds, emeralds have long been celebrated. Their intense green hue and aura of healing have made them popular with everyone from Cleopatra, Moses and the Indian Mughal emperors to Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor and celebrities of today. Formed beneath the earth’s crust some 500 million years ago, they are a true marvel of nature.


Whether it is to celebrate an engagement, a birthday or as a token of romantic or familial affection, a gift of fine jewellery with emeralds is always well received, their pop of green adding elegance to any ensemble. Gemfields has collaborated over the years with some of the most talented fine jewellery designers from all over the world – ensuring that Zambian emeralds find their way into beautiful pieces of jewellery.


Whatever the occasion, rings are a natural choice. Fabergé x Gemfields Cosmic Curve Yellow Gold and Emerald Eternity ring from the Colours of Love collection is one example of a timeless design; another is AYA x Gemfields Emerald Pear ring, with a pear-shaped emerald on a generous gold band; Shachee Fine Jewellery x Gemfields intricate emerald ring with white diamonds and laced gold gives the look a more whimsical twist; Fehmida Lakhany x Gemfields’ show-stopping ring features a Gemfields Zambian emerald with ‘wow’ factor; and GFG Jewellery by Nilufer x Gemfields gives emeralds the floral treatment with its Fleur Emerald ring and Fleur Emerald necklace.


Though no excuse is needed, the arrival of May, heralding a fresh new season, is the most perfect time to invest in emeralds.