1 July 2024

Fabergé x Gemfields unveil one-of-a-kind Malaika Egg for ruby month

The exquisite egg objet features rubies responsibly mined by Gemfields at Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique, with proceeds from its sale to benefit the Gemfields Foundation.


Named from the Swahili word for ‘angel’, one of the languages spoken in Mozambique, the Malaika Egg is a love letter to Mozambican rubies and bears all the hallmarks of the fine craftsmanship for which Fabergé – the world’s most iconic artist jeweller – is renowned.

Ruby is the resplendent birthstone for July, making this the perfect moment to introduce this creation. Those featured on the Malaika Egg dance together with guilloche enamelling, white and brown diamonds, pink sapphires, amethysts and an 18k rose gold setting in a pattern resembling an angel’s wings.


In true Fabergé spirit, a surprise treasure is hidden within the egg: a five-carat, responsibly mined Gemfields Mozambican ruby, encased in a removable rose gold filigree-like sphere.


Elena Basaglia, Gemfields’ Head of Partnerships and Product – Downstream, says of the ruby gemstone surprise: “This five-carat Gemfields Mozambican ruby has a unique shape, a square cushion with softly bowed sides, which offers an ideal window to enjoy the vibrant red body colour and lively reflections within. The large spread of the gemstone means that no weight is hidden below the setting line, allowing maximum appreciation of its beauty. No visible inclusions are present within the gemstone, making it a deserving piece for this special egg.”


Fabergé has pledged to donate USD 100,000 to the Gemfields Foundation upon the sale of the piece, which will be spent on projects that aim to alleviate poverty in Mozambique. The Gemfields Foundation is the charitable arm of the Gemfields Group, through which donors can contribute funding to directly support community and conservation projects in Africa, boosting the scale and scope of the work that has been carried out by Gemfields since 2009.