6 March 2024

Metahuman artist explores the meaning of love and rubies

MonoC explores a mystical world of lustrous ruby gems in a two-part film, entitled ‘Gemorphosis’.

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Gemfields x MonoC: A story in every gemstone - Part 1
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Gemfields x MonoC: A story in every gemstone - Part 2

In Gemfields’ first collaboration with a virtual artist, we follow MonoC as she explores a surreal interpretation of a place where rubies formed, adding a virtual dimension to Gemfields’ ruby mine in Mozambique, where rubies formed 500 million years ago. As MonoC learns the connection that rubies have with passion, love and a quickening heartbeat, we witness her ‘gemorphosis’. The Fabergé x Gemfields ruby ring on MonoC’s finger serves as a lasting reminder of this deep human emotion.

Let’s explore her journey…

In the first short film, we meet MonoC, who is strikingly beautiful and human-like in her appearance, known for her surrealist and data-led art that merges the natural world with the metaverse. Her magical adventure begins as the sun sets and a portal glowing with the enticing, red glow of pulsating with rubies beckons. Increasingly curious about what awaits inside – and implicitly about the connection between these fiery red gemstones and love – she ventures in.


The portal becomes a conduit to a surreal ruby world, where MonoC finds herself surrounded by glittering red gems. She draws a connection between the pulsating rubies and a human heartbeat. With each vibration, she understands a little more about passion and love – and her gemorphosis continues. She asks herself questions about the eternal nature of love and how this can be encapsulated in a vibrant red gemstone; and she recognises that finding ‘the one’ may be as rare and miraculous as rubies themselves.

Yearning to discover the story inside each gemstone, MonoC touches a ruby heart and, it magically transforms into a beautiful Fabergé x Gemfields ruby engagement ring – emphasising the link between rubies and love.

MonoC’s sense of wonder taps into the universal desire to be lucky in love – both luck and love strongly correlated to the colour red that is so strongly associated with rubies and revered in Chinese culture. She becomes fascinated by the passionate world around her, and by the Fabergé x Gemfields ring that has appeared before her, and wants to learn more…


In the second film, we see MonoC drawn into the story of the engagement ring. She gazes into the gemstone and sees a couple whose growing love is mirrored by the pulsating rubies in the air. This couple’s love culminates in a proposal, with a ruby engagement ring as a symbol of their unique love.

Witnessing this love story, MonoC enters a new phase in her gemorphosis. She has now transcended the world of algorithms, gaining a deep understanding of the connection between love and rubies. The intensity of this transformation from the metahuman she was before is clear as she begins to physically change, until her body becomes ruby-like.

MonoC breaks into ruby pieces and is reformed into her former self again, but armed with a new understanding and a Fabergé x Gemfields ruby ring on her finger that serves as a reminder of her transformational experience and of the magical feeling of love.