10 July 2023

Eye-catching new collection of jewels to celebrate ruby month

Ruby is the birthstone of July, and way to herald the arrival of this sultry summer month than with designs showcasing the arresting power of these rare red gems?


Resulting from a series of collaborations between Gemfields and its talented and sustainability-minded high and fine jewellery partners, the rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that comprise the range all feature Mozambican rubies from Gemfields’ Montepuez mine. Each one channels the glamour and versatility of these coloured gemstones in its own unique way.

With its fiery red hue a perfect match for long, hot summer days, and nights, ruby is the ideal birthstone for July. Associated with prosperity, protection and, above all, passion, these coveted gemstones have long been prized as talismans – ancient warriors would bring them into battle and the Chinese still revere the ‘lucky’ colour red. Rubies are also a favourite for their sheer glamour – their deep red a bold, playful alternative, and perfect complement, to colourless diamonds.


Described as ‘the heart of Mother Earth’, rubies were formed deep beneath the Earth some 500 million years ago. As such, every ruby is rich in history, which can be glimpsed in the tiny imperfections, known as inclusions, that make up its character. Character is perhaps the most significant of the famous ‘7 Cs’ that buyers must consider when choosing a ruby (the others being cut, colour, clarity, carat, certification and confidence).



And it is certainly the inimitable character of rubies that inspires jewellery designers. “Nothing beats an intense and vibrant ruby. It evokes romance and passion,” says AYA founder Chelsy Davy, whose Three Stone Ruby Ring is part of the new collection. Others include Margery Hirschey’s Modernist Selene Ring and a fantastical depiction of a fire-breathing dragon, in the form of Fabergé’s White Gold Diamond and Ruby Dragon Skeleton Ring.


New York designer Sandy Leong has crafted a choker, bangle and pendant, all delicately set with rubies, noting “there is a fire that is accentuated within each gemstone”. Shachee Fine Jewellery chose rubies for her cherry blossom-inspired mosaic-style earrings for “their beautiful colour, from deep reds to pink tones”; while GFG Jewellery by Nilufer had the last word on rubies, which she showcases in her 4-stone and 6-stone necklaces, describing each piece of ruby jewellery as “a gift from the Gods”.