14 February 2024

Valentine’s Day opinion poll confirms desire for coloured gems

Gemfields commissioned a playful poll to investigate consumer sentiment towards coloured gemstones as romantic gifting options this Valentine’s Day, and the findings were encouraging.


The survey revealed that nearly half of those considering a gem jewellery purchase for a loved one this February intended to buy a piece featuring one of the so-called “Big Three” coloured gemstones – emerald, ruby or sapphire – confirming their desirability in the market.

The poll was conducted by Find Out Now – a UK consumer research provider. A total of 56,644 respondents were polled, with 524 of them known to be contemplating Valentine’s gemstone purchases. Of this latter group, 48.6% were considering buying at least one of the Big Three, with the remainder contemplating colourless diamonds, amethysts, pearls and others.

The choice of which gemstone to select for a romantic gift came down, primarily, to the personal preference of either the gifter or their partner. Other factors influencing selection included the gemstone being the birthstone of either of them and a certain gemstone’s link to an anniversary year.

This was the first time that Gemfields conducted this kind of poll. It now intends to build on this set of Valentine’s data to continue tracking consumer preferences around coloured gemstones.