1 June 2020

Short Film Provides Artistic Take on How to Buy Coloured Gemstones

June has arrived, which means it is time for the third instalment in Gemfields’ new short-film series  devoted to coloured gemstones.

This one is an imaginatively devised Buyer’s Guide, to walk consumers through the exciting process of purchasing a precious ruby or emerald. Narrated and set to dramatic music, the film lasts less than two minutes. In that time, the viewer is taken on a journey through the formation of gemstones from mineral deposits deep beneath the earth, with a mixture of paint and oil poured to render an abstract, dramatic representation of coloured gemstones, ‘liquid art’ that illustrates how they are formed at an elemental level. Viewers are then talked through the all-important “6 Cs”, which must be considered before buying a coloured gemstone. These are character, colour, clarity, cut, carat and certification. The character of a gemstone is defined by its unique inclusions – the tiny flaws entombed in its crystals, which give it a personality all its own; this “story inside each gemstone” is perhaps the most important consideration for buyers. Colour and clarity vary according to hue, tone and saturation – and these are influenced largely by the gemstone’s place of origin. The skilled artistry involved in shaping each gemstone into an exquisite cut – be it round, oval, marquise, pear or octagon – is referenced, too.   Carats are the unit of measurement for the weight of a gemstone, each one “heavy with the earth’s history”; and finally, certification can be confirmed by an expert gemmologist, for transparency on any treatments undertaken, traceability measures such as blockchain and peace of mind about the supply chain. The film also shows how coloured gemstones come to market, using sculptured marble tableaus in 3D to depict modern-day shoppers, a gemmologist and even an African queen – the latter to emphasise the magical powers that have long been attributed to coloured gemstones. “Responsibly sourced, infinitely complex, always unique,” says the voiceover, summing up the enduring appeal of coloured gemstones, which are “a gift from the Earth itself”, as the narrator intones. This Buyer’s Guide is an indispensable source for navigating the complexity of these earthly wonders – and its innovative, design-led animation makes it compelling viewing, to boot!       [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="http://gemfields.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/20200528-Buyers-Guide-FINAL-GRADED-1080p.mp4"][/video]