20 May 2024

New Emerald Month campaign celebrates the story inside every gemstone

Viewing emeralds as both rough gemstones and the cut-and-polished treasures we know so well, this educational campaign pays homage to their natural beauty, with a focus on the inclusions that give each emerald its unique character.

Inclusion image curtesy of Billie Hughes / Lotus Gemology

Gemfields is proud to be a world-leading responsible miner and marketer of coloured gemstones and the majority owner and operator of the Kagem mine in Zambia. Each year Gemfields launches a campaign to celebrate these verdant gems and raise awareness of their unique appeal to coincide with May, the month for which emerald is the birthstone.

This year’s campaign focuses on inclusions – nature’s fingerprint that can be seen inside each emerald, also called the jardin (garden). Inclusions are characteristics enclosed within a gemstone, usually during its formation – each is unique and to be embraced. The campaign includes exquisitely captured images of inclusions by Billie Hugues and Richard Hughes of Lotus Gemology, which are magnified between 20 and 60x. Here we are able to glimpse inside these glorious green gems and see what true miracles of nature emeralds are, with no two the same.