3 June 2024

New book explores real-life African gem adventures from the past 60 years

No Stone Unturned: The Hunt for African Gems comprises 24 short stories based on actual experiences of captivating personalities from the gem trade, written by author Richa Goyal Sikri.



Commissioned in 2020, Richa Goyal Sikri has spent four years conducting in-depth research and crafting these fast-paced tales of daring and adventure related to the African gem trade from mine to market, featuring vibrant characters involved in the gemstone business over the last 60 years. The result is a lively book, laced with humour and culture that demystifies this colourful world and lets readers in on its secrets.

Based on true events, No Stone Unturned offers a rare glimpse into the world of coloured gemstones, chronicling its highs and lows and complex dealings. Gemfields’ CEO Sean Gilbertson describes it as “a first-of-a-kind work that inspires and intrigues readers as they accompany marvellous personalities on journeys through the world of coloured gemstones”.

Richa Goyal Sikri was perfectly positioned to write these compelling stories given her domain knowledge and experience from visiting gem mines and manufacturing centres for more than a decade, and working as a journalist in the field. She has succeeded in offering industry insights and some previously unpublished information in an easily digestible manner.