9 July 2024

Ruby month is here, marking second chapter in Gemfields’ campaign

A new marketing campaign to celebrate the story inside every gemstone kicked off with emerald month in May, and continues as we celebrate rubies, the fiery birthstone of July.

Inclusion image curtesy of Richard Hughes / Lotus Gemology

Tracing the journey of these sultry red gems from mine to market, the campaign’s exquisite images present them as both rough gemstones and the cut and polished finished products that find their way into designs by Gemfields’ jewellery brand partners. There is a particular focus on inclusions – the tiny marks within each gem that give it character.

As a world-leading responsible miner and marketer of coloured gemstones and the majority owner and operator of Montepuez Ruby Mining in Mozambique, Gemfields is delighted to celebrate and promote these red treasures. Mozambican rubies are highly prized and some exceptional examples have been sourced at Montepuez.

The images by Billie Hughes and Richard Hughes of Lotus Gemology are the highlight of the campaign, looking deep within rubies to shine a light on inclusions: Mother Nature’s fingerprint, ensuring that no two gems are the same. With the storied association of rubies with passion, prosperity and protection, they are the perfect gem to round off this campaign, encapsulating the celebratory spirit of high summer.