25 February 2017

Oscars Week Interview with Ruth Negga’s Stylist Karla Welch

On creating the most iconic red carpet looks for Ruth Negga

Meet Karla Welch the stylist behind the fearless and offbeat appearances of Sarah Paulson, Olivia Wilde, Lorde and this season’s red carpet favourite Ruth Negga. Gemfields worked with Karla Welch to dress Oscar nominated actress Ruth Negga in fashion forward & responsibly sourced coloured gemstone jewellery this awards season. 1. Ruth is a rare gem, both in terms of her acting abilities, personality and her look. How does that inform your unconventional choices for her? What is involved in the process of creating an overall look for her? She is such a muse for me. There is something incredibly magnetic about Ruth. She is also very trusting and fun and happy to go there with fashion. 2. As someone who dresses A-list actresses, you have unlimited jewellery at your disposal. What drew you to collaborating with Gemfields and working with rubies and emeralds in particular? Ruth and I decided from the beginning that diamonds weren’t really her thing, she told me how much she loved colour and we both insisted that any jewels we worked with had to be responsibly sourced. It was a natural decision to work with Gemfields therefore. I love that we can use vintage pieces with amazing stones as well as the Muse pieces. The Muse pieces came first for me, at the beginning I didn’t realise the connection between the two, but now I fully appreciate how many smaller designers I have access to. It’s really exciting to collaborate. 3. The red carpet has traditionally been known for diamonds, yet you are breaking rules and putting colour on Ruth. Is that because each of you loves colour or because it fits with her fashion choices? How much of a factor is colour when it comes to dressing her? We believe in being fearless 3. How does the process work when it comes to crafting the perfect red carpet look (like you did for Golden Globes)? For example, are you envisioning the jewellery at the same time you’re choosing the dress? The dress comes first, then it all falls into place… 4. You were heavily involved in creating Ruth’s Golden Globe jewellery with Fred Leighton and Gemfields; tell us about that creative process. I knew the dress was so modern and amazing – it reminded me a bit of metropolis, I wanted a jewellery piece to be very strong but also not seem out of place (a full sequinned gown doesn’t really need bling). I love that the cuff had the beautiful drop of pink that played with the rose gold sequins on the dress. I felt that the shape was just perfect. 5. Given the accolades she’s received from the fashion community and the excitement around Ruth’s looks do you think the two of you are sparking a trend in colour on the red carpet? I hope so! 6. With Ruth as your canvas, has this opened you up to working with jewellery in a different way? Definitely – she has opened me up to piling rings on and I love it! 7. Do coloured gemstones – rubies or emeralds – hold a special significance for you?