25 May 2018

MRM Second Mobile Health Clinic

MRM promotes free medical consultations at the inauguration of the second Mobile Health Clinic.

On the 25th May, the District Administrator of Montepuez, Etelvina Rita Joaquim Fevereiro,  inaugurated MRM’s second mobile health clinic, which will double the free health care MRM provides to local villagers, as part of its commitment to benefit those communities in the area surrounding the mine. Access to medical services in Northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province are among the weakest in the country. The nearest health facility to the villages near MRM is over 25km away, making preventative care out of reach for most people. With infant mortality, malaria, HIV/AIDS and water-borne diseases commonplace, MRM’s mobile health clinics provide access to health services in the absence of state services, in hard to reach communities. The vehicle contains malaria, gastro-intestinal and HIV/AIDs testing equipment, basic pills and equipment such as blood pressure pumps, and equipment to inspect eyes and ears. This all enables the nurses to administer basic health care, provide prescriptions and make referrals on to other doctors or the hospital. Launched in March 2017 as a partnership initiative with the government of Mozambique, the first MRM mobile clinic has been serving 6 villages of Namanhumbir Administrative Post. Since launch, the health clinic has provided more than 35,000 health consultations to local villagers by April 2018 and proved to be a highly valued service. The second MRM mobile clinic will improve on this by enlarging the area served, and thus reaching out to many more of the local community who would otherwise have limited or no access to health care. The second mobile health clinic was launched at a Health Fair held today at Nanhupo Village in Namanhumbir. The fair served to inform the community about the importance of good health and well-being, as well as promoting general health care and the prevention of diseases. The fair had several activities ranging from free medical examinations and consultations, which were offered to all community members from Namanhumbir Administrative Post. About 400 persons attended the fair, which was officially presided over by the District Post Administrator, Etelvina Fevereiro. Fevereiro expressed her gratitude to MRM on behalf of the Government of Mozambique and the villagers of Namanhumbir and reiterated the continued government commitment to this partnership with MRM by saying, “The inauguration of the second mobile clinic reflects a strong coordination between the company and the Government, sharing the same objectives in terms of Social Responsibility. One more clinic means giving more medical care covering more villages, reducing the distances people travel to for health care.”. The agreed partnership means that MRM acquires the mobile clinics, necessary equipment and provides for the running costs, while the Government of Mozambique provides the medical staff from the Ministry of Health, as well as basic medicines and assorted consumables.