31 January 2024

MRM praised for promoting transparency in mining

On his annual visit, the governor of Cabo Delgado province praised Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) for the excellent standard it has set in the industry with its transparent and responsible practices.


One of the most significant recently discovered ruby deposit and source of some of the most exceptional rubies, MRM is majority-owned and operated by Gemfields. In keeping with its brand values of transparency, legitimacy and integrity, Gemfields has designed various initiatives that strive to bring benefit to Mozambican people.

Visiting MRM earlier this year, Valige Tauabo, the Governor of Cabo Delgado, encouraged the other mining companies operating in the resource-rich province to follow the example set by MRM. “MRM is a mirror of which Cabo Delgado is proud because of its pioneering and transparent way of sharing information. We are also pleased that the company operates responsibly… we want other companies to align themselves with this way of working,” he said.

MRM sees wider industry benefit in transparently declaring its taxes and providing information regarding its revenues and operations. Among these is the ‘G-Factor for Natural Resources’, which is a simple calculation to demonstrate the contribution an operation has made for its host country.

With a second processing plant set to start operating in mid-2025, MRM told the governor that it hopes to contribute even more to the Namanhumbir area through its tax revenues – and reiterated that it strives to continue to be a force for good in the face of challenges like illegal mining.