21 February 2024

MRM gifts seeds and fertiliser to support farmers in Namanhumbir

Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) showed its ongoing commitment to supporting livelihoods in the community around its concession by distributing these vital agricultural commodities to 650 families in eight nearby villages.


The donation from the mining company, majority owned by Gemfields, included more than 18 tonnes of a variety of seed types and more than 32 tonnes of fertiliser, as well as 327 litres of pesticide, to help the 2023-24 farming season to be as successful as possible, so that local families can enjoy increased food security.

This 50-tonne support package was a step up from previous seed donations in hopes of boosting farming productivity in the area. It was extremely well-received by the families involved, who are all covered by the Conservation Agriculture and Food Security project and hail from the villages of Namanhumbir, Nanune, Nsembia, Npene, Nseue, Nanhupo A, Nanhupo B and Chimoio.

It is hoped that these provisions will lead to a surplus of valuable crops, such as sesame and soya, this farming season, to boost living standards for local people. Farmers are now sowing the seeds in individual and collective fields, with the help of MRM’s expert technicians.

This initiative is part of MRM’s corporate responsibility agenda – reflecting the importance that the mining company, and its parent company Gemfields, place on ensuring that mining profits circle back to help local communities. Farming and conservation have always formed a key part of this agenda, reflecting the significant role that agriculture plays in the lives of community members.

At the ceremony held to hand over the supplies, MRM’s Senior Community Liaison Officer, Lucas Sete, summed up the importance of this gesture, saying: “For the 2023/2024 agricultural season, our aim is to reach 650 beneficiary families, an increase of 50 families compared to the previous season. The improved seed distributed is certified by the country’s research institute and is expected to increase production and productivity in the fields. The increase in production will support efforts to overcome food insecurity.”

MRM plans to continue its support for the farming industry in this area through future planting seasons. The value of this initial donation is estimated to be Mt 5,318,710 (USD 83,104).