15 March 2023

Three new courses at Namanhumbir VTC funded by MRM

The MRM-funded vocational training centre has extended its offering, with new training courses for young people in Montepuez district.


Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) partnered with the Alberto Cassimo Institute for Professional Training and Labour Studies (IFPELAC) in 2018 to launch the VTC at a cost of USD 1.8 million. The centre has already trained more than 430 young people from the Namanhumbir Administrative Post, Montepuez and neighbouring districts.

The new modules – in civil construction, metalwork and heavy machinery operation – will sit alongside the existing courses in electricity, civil painting and plumbing, expanding the options for young people embarking on their careers. As well as enhancing the job prospects of the next generation, this will also serve to address the needs of the labour market in insurgency-hit Cabo Delgado province, delivering more qualified workers to fill available positions and boost productivity in the area.

MRM is proud to be covering all of the centre’s operating costs as well as students’ tuition and will provide its human resources staff to lead the training in the heavy machinery operation course and offer hands-on tuition. Each course will last for three months, with three training cycles per year. Currently 20% of students enrolled at the vocational training centre are female; attracting more young women, in hopes of eventually achieving gender parity, is a key goal – and one that the centre is confident of achieving as growing numbers of local women gravitate towards technical work.

“These are the projects that will keep our young people positively engaged, give them a profession and prevent them from joining the groups that destroy the country instead of helping to build it,” said Montepuez District Administrator Isaura Máquina, summing up the importance of the VTC.

Recently, more than 50 trainees in electricity, plumbing and civil painting concluded their training and are entering the job market. “It is a joy to see the smiles on the faces of the young men and women who started as curious trainees and now stand before us as professionals in their fields. This fulfils MRM’s objective to create a positive impact in the lives of the local community,” said MRM’s Head of Human Resources, Angelo Zandamela.