16 September 2019

Gemfields x The Alkemistry Launch Collection Featuring Zambian Emeralds and Mozambican Rubies

Gemfields is pleased to announce its partnership with The Alkemistry, with a range of timeless jewellery featuring Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies.

The Gemfields x The Alkemistry collection will be available at accessible price points on Farfetch.com and will include seven earring designs, including drops and a piercing collection, alongside a Gemfields x Zoë Chicco collection, with Zoë Chicco’s five best sellers redesigned to feature Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds. The Gemfields x Zoë Chicco pieces include the elegant circle ring framing a Zambian emerald, a 14kt yellow gold off-set emerald and diamond necklace and a slim-band emerald ring, perfect for stacking. Fresh and effortless 18kt yellow gold Gemfields x The Alkemistry earrings feature a stud diamond with a post-back closure, a drop 0.06ct Mozambican ruby and a 0.1ct drop diamond. Striking 18kt yellow gold earrings from Gemfields x The Alkemistry feature 0.06ct emerald embellishment and hanging chains, providing an easily wearable pop of colour courtesy of responsibly sourced Zambian emeralds. Coloured gems have increasingly appeared on the red carpet in recent years, and their growing popularity attracted the attention of Knight Frank’s Investment Index this June. This increased appeal is said to stem from the consistent supply of high-quality gemstones from Gemfields’ industry-leading auction process, as well as the newly discovered deposit of Mozambican rubies in Montepuez, which gives consumers access to responsibly sourced rubies for the very first time. Rubies are in a class of their own and rank amongst the rarest of the world’s most precious gemstones. In the hierarchy of precious materials, the ruby sits at the very top and outperforms other gems in terms of value per carat. Rubies from different origins tend to each have their own distinctive hue, but those found in Mozambique cover all of the known colour ranges, including the most elusive pure fluorescent reds. As a result, Mozambique has become the world’s most significant location for sourcing rubies, despite rubies only being discovered here as recently as 2009. In the communities surrounding the Mozambican mines, Gemfields has already created four schools, two mobile health clinics, a vocational training centre and numerous agricultural cooperatives to create sustainable livelihoods, including two poultry farms designed to empower local women.   Emeralds are another highly sought-after precious gemstone, and Gemfields has also transformed its operations and the communities that surround its emerald mine in Zambia, since acquiring it in partnership with the Zambian government in 2008. Zambian emeralds were formed around 500 million years ago and get their beautiful intense green colour from the presence of chromium, iron and beryllium. They are often lacking in vanadium, resulting in a bluish-green, lively and often eye-clean emerald. With prices starting at £225 for an 18kt yellow gold ruby stud, the Gemfields x The Alkemistry collections aim to make responsibly sourced jewellery more accessible to younger consumers. The collection provides shoppable and wearable pieces that meet an increasing desire to ensure sustainability and ecological balance. Gemfields strongly believes that coloured gemstones should have a positive impact on the countries and communities from which they originate. Responsible sourcing for Gemfields means industry-leading policies and practices across operations, transparency in the gemstone sales process, an active role in working groups to modernise the sector, projects to improve health, education and livelihoods for the communities around the mines and conservation efforts to protect Africa’s great wildlife and biodiversity.   Gemfields’ partnership with The Alkemistry is a meeting of minds. The Alkemistry’s range of products are exclusively curated from international female designers, and complemented by their own unique collection, which is handmade in London and can be personalised. Kirstie Gibbs, The Alkemistry founder, commented: “Gemfields is a brand that is very close to my heart. With a family farm on the borders of Mozambique and a brother who is a virologist in Africa, I hugely admire the work Gemfields does with communities in Africa and being able to support that through my jewellery store in the UK means a lot to me.” Emily Dungey, Gemfields’ marketing and communications director, commented: “It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with The Alkemistry. Not only does this collection demonstrate how perfectly suited coloured gemstones are for everyday wear; it also provides a means for consumers to purchase responsibly sourced gemstones, and in so doing, to give back to the communities around the mines from which these beautiful gemstones originate.”