10 March 2023

Gemfields rubies add fire to Fabergé x Game of Thrones collection!

An exciting new high jewellery collaboration between the iconic artist jeweller Fabergé and the cult television series Game of Thrones was unveiled in November with a series of dragon-inspired pieces.


Capitalising on the runaway popularity of Game of Thrones, one of the most loved shows of all time, the collection will be released in four ‘chapters’ over the next few years, each piece intended to become a little piece of television history. The first chapter – ‘Dragon’ – features five fiery designs, containing Gemfields’ responsibly sourced Mozambican rubies.

The Fabergé x Game of Thrones Dragon collection was created by Game of Thrones’ award-winning costume designer, Michele Clapton, and Fabergé’s Head of Design, Liisa Tallgren. The pieces channel the design details of the show’s exquisite sets, costumes and characters, its dramatic landscapes and fantastical appeal. Dragon is a nod to the orphan-turned-warrior queen Daenerys Targaryen, otherwise known as ‘The Mother of Dragons’, and her fire-breathing ‘babies’.


This collaboration follows on from the successful release, in 2021, of the Fabergé x Game of Thrones Egg, a bespoke, one-of-a-kind objet in the style of the traditional, iconic Fabergé Imperial eggs, for which the Maison is renowned. Introduced to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the show’s first-ever episode, the Egg was sold to a private collector for USD 2.2 million – leaving fans hungry for a more extensive collection.


Each of the five designs in the Dragon collection will be limited to just ten pieces, to ensure these remain exclusive collectors’ items; and the themes of the three subsequent chapters will be kept under wraps until the time of their release.

Rubies are the perfect complement to this collection: long associated with passion, prosperity and protection, warriors used to wear them into battle. Red and black are the Targaryen house colours, and red also represents the fiery spirit of Daenerys and her quest for the Iron Throne.


In the White and Rose Gold Diamond Transformable Ear Cuff and Choker, a pear-cut Gemfields Mozambican ruby is perfectly set in a rose gold flame, which emanates from the dragon’s mouth. The Grecian style of the piece reflects Daenerys’ journey across the Narrow Sea to Westeros, and the way she wears jewellery as armour; its transformable nature symbolises her ability to transform herself. The White and Rose Gold Ruby and Diamond Dragon Ear Cuff appears like a dragon draped around the ear and features pear-cut Gemfields Mozambican rubies alongside pink sapphires, with diamond spikes.