26 April 2020

Gemfields Accepted as Member of World-leading Voluntary Human Rights Initiative

Gemfields is proud to have become the first – and the only – gemstone company to be recognised as a corporate member by Voluntary Principles.

“We are delighted that, after a long, thorough process, Gemfields has been acknowledged by the VPSHR members, and has become the first pure gemstone mining company to have been accepted as a corporate member. The VPSHR represents an important space for governments, NGOs and corporates to share and challenge each other on how to improve security and human rights best practice, and we welcome the opportunity to learn from these knowledgeable peers as well as share our own experiences,” says Jack Cunningham, Sustainability, Policy & Risk Director at Gemfields. As the world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, Gemfields has always been committed to transparency and industry-leading practices across its operations, and to protecting and positively impacting the communities around its mines in Africa, which supply the majority of the world’s rough rubies and emeralds. This makes the company a natural fit with the ethos of the VPSHR. It is a sign of the continuous improvements Gemfields has made to its operations since 2015 that it has been given the privilege of membership to this initiative and is seen as an upholder of its principles. The VPSHR was founded in 2000 and developed over time, initially for the extractive and energy sector, on the idea of “joint effort for collective gain”. Through constructive dialogues, VPSHR members engage in mutual learning and problem-solving and can devise common approaches to issues, to make a long-lasting impact on international human rights. Less experienced members can learn from those more well-versed in security and human rights issues. The “three-pillar” approach of the VPSHR, involving governments, companies and NGOs, acknowledges that, while the responsibility to protect human rights lies with governments, often companies and NGOs find themselves operating in complex environments with little guidance on the ground regarding how to respect human rights. Businesses have a duty to avoid harming people and to address any adverse impacts they may have on the communities in which they operate. One of the main contributions of the VPSHR is to provide well-researched criterion for a risk assessment that should be carried out before work begins. The principles also guide interactions between companies and both public and private security. Gemfields has always taken great pride in leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the operations have a positive impact on the communities around their mines, in Mozambique and Zambia, and that they positively impact the local people in these places. The honour of membership to the VPSHR is confirmation of Gemfields’ positive footprint and will help to ensure that the good work continues.

A globally recognised initiative by governments, companies and NGOs to confront human rights abuses and violations, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) have now become the common standard implemented across a variety of industries, guiding companies on how to conduct their security operations while at the same time respecting human rights.