30 September 2018

Every Piece Unique

Our latest campaign, Every Piece Unique, brings to life Gemfields’ core values and associated initiatives, and invites you to discover our world.

The film is set in a modern art gallery, closing for the night, when the sculptures come to life through movement and dance. Each art-piece moves in a unique way, reflecting the meaning behind its character and personality. Transparency, a faceted female form- half emerald and half ruby- embodies the gemstones we mine and highlights Gemfields’s drive for Transparency, the founding principle of our business. Education, a petite, scroll-like paper sculpture featuring hand-writing and emeralds personifies the four schools we have established in Mozambique and three in Zambia- with a combined capacity of over 2,500 pupils, as well as other academic projects. Conservation, a valiant rhino sculpture, carved from wood, half-dipped in recycled green gold and replete with emerald eyes was chosen to reflect our work with partners: Zambia Carnivore Programme, Niassa Carnivore Project and Quirimbas National Park to protect Africa's wildlife and biodiversity. Health, a vibrant, abstract painting with human forms surrounding a Fabergé egg, symbolises our two mobile health clinics in Mozambique which serve six remote villages of around 10,000 people and a significantly upgraded health centre in Zambia that benefit a further 10,000 people. Famed for ingenious use of coloured gemstones, Fabergé’s role as a vital component of Gemfields’ ‘mine and market’ vision is reflected in the presence of a Fabergé egg. Livelihoods, a large-scale hanging installation, comprising bright blue feathers and rubies is a nod to the chicken farms and many farming associations we have created in Zambia and Mozambique to establish sustainable livelihoods for local people. Sustainability, a huge flowering Baobab tree embodies our approach to mining- reducing impact to the site and maintaining biodiversity. This is achieved by the absence of hazardous and polluting chemicals, careful collection of indigenous seeds and topsoil at the outset and an ongoing process of re-filling and re-planting. The film concludes with an explosion of Baobab flowers, and the exuberant characters are poised in their original gallery positions, with only two gently floating flowers- with hearts of ruby and emerald- to indicate that anything magical has happened. Likewise, Gemfields’ mine sites will return to their original state, with only the wider positive effects such as improved community healthcare, education, sustainable livelihoods and conservation efforts left to indicate that Gemfields was ever there. ‘Every Piece Unique’ highlights how each gemstone is unique, possessing its own character, much like original pieces of art. This film continues the narrative of Gemfields’ ‘A Story in Every Gemstone’ campaign, building a greater understanding of the depths behind responsibly sourcing emeralds and rubies from their origins in Zambia and Mozambique.