18 January 2019

China Celebrates Every Piece Unique

Gemfields brings its “Every Piece Unique” advertising campaign to the “In Art We Live” space at Shanghai K11 from January 18 to 20, 2019.

Gemfields will creatively tell the stories behind the rubies and emeralds it mines and illustrate its key values and associated community initiatives. At the scene, three of the characters from the campaign will appear: A faceted female character, half emerald and half ruby, symbolising “Transparency,” will reference Gemfields’ responsibly sourced gemstones. The Baobab tree sculpture symbolises “Sustainability,” to reflect its commitment to minimising the mining impact on the environment. While the final character to feature, a rhino sculpture will symbolise “Conservation,” and pays homage to Gemfields’ conservation partners that protect Africa’s wildlife and biodiversity.   Attendees are invited to write down their New Year’s wishes on cards and hang them on the Baobab tree sculpture to receive New Year gifts. “Every Piece Unique” highlights the uniqueness of gemstones. From mine to the market, each gemstone embodies Gemfields’ love and respect for nature and local culture. Discover more about Gemfields’ core environmental values and approach to sustainable mining practices, as well as our commitment to transparency, sustainability and conservation.