6 July 2023

An inspired collaboration of rings & rubies

Featuring deep red rubies from our Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique, the renowned Hatton Garden fine jewellery designer, Ruth Tomlinson, has created the Montepuez Collection.


Adorned with red, the Montepuez Collection is inspired by the beauty of Ruth’s far-flung discoveries, hinting at the secrets of medieval lore and offering the allure of contemporary marvels, crafted in her signature organic style.

Ruth Tomlinson created the Montepuez Collection inspired by her personal ‘treasure-box’, a collection of intriguing objects discovered over years of travel to far-flung destinations. Ruth drew on these contemporary, apparently insignificant, artefacts, as her inspiration to craft daringly ‘deconstructed’ jewellery. Ruth’s pieces are purposefully imperfect to ignite curiosity, blurring the lines between old and new, exploring the captivating balance of ancient stories and modern elegance.


Crafted with 18ct yellow gold and adorned with grey and white diamonds, each piece resonates with intentional imperfections. Ruth focussed on her unique interpretation of the traditional filigree technique to create delicate details entwined in the yellow gold, alongside the resplendent rubies and diamonds.

Intrigued by the overlooked beauty of miniature wonders, the Montepuez Collection invites a closer look at some charming inconsistencies. Guided by the historical association of rubies with passion, health and prosperity, Ruth’s visionary design invites admirers to ponder the rings’ age, as if each piece holds the essence of stories yet to be told, resonating with a sense of purpose and intention that transcends time.