14 December 2018

The Gemfields Masterclass

Exclusive ruby and emerald experience from world leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones comes to Shanghai.

Revered and desired throughout history, rubies and emeralds have long since been shrouded in mystery. In order to help increase understanding of these beautiful, rare gemstones, Gemfields launched the Gemfields Masterclass. A ground-breaking education experience set to de-mystify and increase appreciation of rubies and emeralds; the former of which is known as the ‘King of Gemstones.’ As leading suppliers of precious, responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, Gemfields is uniquely placed to host this most comprehensive learning experience, developed in conjunction with leading industry experts. Launched in 2016 at the Hong Kong Gem and Jewellery Fair, the Gemfields Masterclass has since travelled the world, educating consumers, and industry aficionado’s alike. To suit every level of understanding, the Masterclass is available in 3 different iterations; Basic, Fundamental and Advanced. The Masterclass has now made its debut in Shanghai, hosted by the renowned gemstone and jewellery expert, Joanna Hardy. A select roster of the most distinguished media members and jewellery enthusiasts were invited to experience the Masterclass in Shanghai. Following this, they attended a private cocktail reception co-hosted by Joanna Hardy at M Glam on the Bund. Covering the geology, geographic origin, history, qualities and classification of rubies and emeralds as well as providing hands-on experiential skills, the Masterclass is a truly unique learning experience. Gemfields CEO Sean Gilbertson states; “As leaders in the industry and pioneers of innovation, we are thrilled to bring the Gemfields Masterclass to Shanghai. Over the past few years, the Masterclass has toured around Europe, India and the U.S and returned to Hong Kong last year, offering attendees unrivalled education from some of the industry’s most admired experts. It is tremendously satisfying to see the Masterclass in Shanghai, hosted by Joanna Hardy, to complement her stunning books on gemstones: Ruby and Emerald.”