27 March 2019

The Gemfields Masterclass – London

World leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones hosts exclusive ruby and emerald experience in London.

In London, Gemfields uncovered myths and legends of coloured gemstones, explaining to top tier media the rarity of rubies and emeralds versus their diamond counterparts – (particularly when it comes to price per carat!), the significance of origin for both gems and the world beyond ‘pigeon’s blood’. 20 writers from international titles including Vogue, Tatler, the FT, NY Times and Wallpaper* were delighted to discover gemstone uses in jewellery throughout the ages, the excitement of Mozambique’s recent ruby deposit discovery and how careful custodianship of African gemstones is giving back to communities and conservation. Emeralds in the rough, ruby grading systems and Fabergé jewellery were brought to life by our gemmologist and Fabergé By Appointment sales team. Joanna Hardy adds: “Gemstones are nature’s marvels, formed billions of years ago deep in the earth’s crust.  Each emerald and ruby is completely unique and is much rarer than a diamond.” “There has been a lot of education when it comes to white diamonds which has trickled down to the consumer.  At the moment, people are not as familiar with colour on that scale but now, with the support of Gemfields and its commitment to education, masterclasses like these are helping to educate others about the wonderful and enthralling world of coloured gemstones and gain a deeper appreciation.”