14 March 2018

Muse Showroom Launches E-Commerce Platform

Gemfields partner MUSE Showroom has developed a new e-commerce platform www.musexmuse.com, scheduled to go to launch with a range of jewellery exclusively from the series of collaborations with Gemfields that date back to 2016.

For the first time, the comprehensive assortment of Gemfields Mozambican ruby and Zambian emerald charms, as well as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces will be available in one place, along with five new charms for Spring 2018, created by the designers Holly Dyment, Elena Votsi, Silvia Furmanovich, Buddha Mama, and Sylva & Cie. The new MUSE e-commerce website reinforces Gemfields’ mine-to-market strategy, enabling its responsibly-sourced coloured gemstones to be featured by today’s most talented designers to create inspiring jewellery for everyday that can now be easily purchased anytime, anywhere. Over 200 different styles are available, with prices ranging from $500 to $85,000. Charms are available individually, in pre-styled combinations or as the full necklace. Customers can start their responsibly-sourced coloured gemstone collection with a chain and a charm and continue to add as they like. The website includes MUSE’s roster of designers, Elena Vosti, Holly Dyment, Michelle Fantaci, Nancy Newberg, Nikos Koulis and Silivia Furmanovich, as well as friends of MUSE that have participated in the GEMFIELDS x MUSE collaboration such as Ana Khouri, Buddha Mama, Dezso by Sarah Beltran, Fox & Bond, Hoorsenbuhs, Lucifer vir Honestus, Luis Morais, Savannah Stranger and Sylva & Cie.