29 October 2020

Inspired by the Green Country: Q&A with Nilufer Kizilkaya, founder of GFG Jewellery by Nilufer

A stunning array of emerald jewellery from GFG by Nilufer has been given the name Zelena, a girls’ name, which, in many countries, means green, and in others, represents the moon, sky and heaven.

Either way, it is a fitting name for a collection containing African emeralds and inspired by Kenya – known as ‘the green country’ for its lush verdant landscapes.   GFG Jewellery by Nilufer is a London-based British contemporary fine jewellery brand that was founded by Nilufer Kizilkaya. Encapsulating timeless beauty, Nilufer’s collections are intended to transition seamlessly from day into night and to be easily wearable. The label was established in 2014 with the belief that every piece of jewellery is “a gift from the gods”.   Describe your collection in three words? Inspired by beauty, timeless, responsibly sourced   What does having a special piece of jewellery mean to you? Special pieces of jewellery are timeless and always have a beautiful meaning behind them. Each piece tells a unique story, in terms of its sourcing, design and creation and the purpose for which it was purchased. Whether it was a gift or a self-purchase, there is always a hidden story going back through the years.   Why is sustainability important to you? Personally, I believe in shared responsibility, the idea that we should all be taking care of our planet in any way that we can. It does not matter how small or giant our contribution is, the effort that we make as humans is what will matter for future generations.   What conservation measures do you undertake? As a fine jewellery company, we try to source our gemstones mainly from responsibly sourced mining companies and fair trade miners. Walk for Giants is the first time that we have partnered with Gemfields on a conservation project, and we are delighted to have found a partner that speaks to our values.   If you could wear one of the pieces from the collaboration, not from your collection, which would it be? This is the toughest question. All of the pieces that have been created for the Walk for Giants x Gemfields collaboration are gorgeous. Whilst the truth is that I only wear my own designs, I do love both Fehmida Lakhany and Sandy Leong’s earrings.   Click here to view this exciting capsule collection.
Image Credits: ‘Walk For Giants’, photography by Federico Pestilli, creative direction by Riccardo Ruini, shot on location at Enasoit Game Sanctuary