16 July 2020

Research report shows the future looks bright for Gemfields in China

Gemfields is proud to launch our first-ever China-centric consumer insight report. This thoroughly researched study is focused on coloured gemstones in China – a very fast-growing market for us – and its findings make clear that the future is full of exciting opportunities in this part of the world. The report – entitled Sustainability: The Future of Coloured Gemstones in China – reveals that there is strong demand for both rubies and emeralds amongst Chinese jewellery owners, with 35% planning to purchase the former, and 25% the latter. To compile our dossier, we undertook extensive research, delving into the tastes and habits of Chinese consumers across various demographics, regions, cities and wealth levels, to reveal their preferences. In light of how seriously we take responsible sourcing at Gemfields, we were delighted to discover that 97% of jewellery owners surveyed say they are willing to pay a premium for gemstones that have been responsibly mined. All of those surveyed – and particularly the younger shoppers – said they consider it somewhere between “slightly” and “very” important that a brand acts in environmentally and socially responsible ways. This bodes very well for the future! We also discovered that Chinese jewellery owners rank clarity, carat, colour and cut in this order when it comes to selecting a gemstone, and that Chinese consumers care, overwhelmingly, more about the gemstone itself – its above characteristics and its overall character – than they do about its price. This is also heartening news, as each and every gemstone is totally unique with its own personality, and, we believe, should be valued as such. A large number of respondents also indicated that they are interested in coloured gemstones set in modern, contemporary jewellery designs, which gives us lots of bright and shiny inspiration for future marketing concepts. The current vogue for coloured gemstones and rising interest in corporate responsibility make now a perfect time for Gemfields to seize the day in China.   A full English version of the report is available for download here. For any additional enquires, kindly get in touch with us.