30 April 2022

Namanhumbir community radio marks new era in communications

This month, Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) inaugurated the Namanhumbir community radio, financed by MRM as part of the social funding programme in the Montepuez district.


The construction and equipping of Namanhumbir Community Radio puts an end to the problem of the lack of radio signal, which was limiting access to basic information for local families. As well as funding the setup of the radio at a cost of nine million meticais, MRM has also committed to funding the station’s activities for two years, with a further one million meticais per year.

This project is an example of MRM’s commitment to improving the lives of residents living in the areas surrounding its mine. “Community radio stations provide important information, raise awareness, boost interaction with the government, and provide a platform for communities to express what matters to them and address any problems together. It is our desire that this radio station truly is a community radio, serving the interests of local families and enhancing the lives of those within the communities,” says MRM Board Chairman, Samora Machel Júnior.


Found on channel 94.1 FM, the station will be accessible to anyone living within a 70km radius of Namanhumbir Administrative Post. As well as providing residents access to important information, the station has also had the added benefit of creating jobs for 13 people, in collaboration with the Mozambican Association of Community Education (AMEC), based in Montepuez.