10 January 2023

MRM taxes fund brand-new health centre

The new Namahaca Health Care Centre – close to Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) – has officially opened its doors in a boost to health care in the region.


At the official inauguration ceremony in January, the governor of Cabo Delgado province, Valige Tauabo, hailed the arrival of the new facility, praising MRM, whose profitable operations have paid dividends for the local community, reducing the need for residents of this area of Mozambique to travel long distances to access healthcare.

The health care centre, which cost MZN 7,968,593.55 to build, is the 14th such facility to be constructed in the Montepuez district and a perfect example of the positive impact that MRM’s mining operations can have on the local area – with taxes paid by the mine funding the project.
Montepuez Ruby Mine was named the highest taxpayer in Cabo Delgado every year from 2014 to 2019 and acknowledged as one of the largest contributors again in 2021. Since 2017, the mine has worked in tandem with the local government to establish two mobile health clinics serving 30,000 people from ten villages of the Namanhumbir Administrative Post who previously had to travel up to 25 kms to see a doctor. By November 2022, the two clinics had delivered more than 200,000 consultations to date.
Health, along with education, is a priority area for funding, and MRM is proud to have made this vital contribution to development in the community around its concession. The new facility will provide general consultations for chronic diseases, sexual and reproductive health, maternal health and childcare – with the effect of reducing mortality and improving quality of life for all of those living in the vicinity.
“The population of Namahaca no longer has to travel long distances in search of health services,” said Mr Tauabo in his inaugural address. MRM’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Raime Raimundo, added: “The construction and beginning of operations of this health care centre is further proof that the legal mining of rubies can provide a positive impact that benefits many people – not just a few.”
Montepuez Administrator Isaura Máquina, for her part, urged residents to respect the new centre: keep it and its equipment clean and in good condition, preserving them for use by future generations. MRM is determined to remain a high taxpayer and ensure that its profits continue to benefit the local community.