5 October 2017

Exceptional Zambian Emerald Sold at Auction in Lusaka

An extremely rare, high quality Zambian emerald has been sold at auction in Lusaka this week for an undisclosed amount.

The exceptional 1,220g (6,100 carat) gemstone, discovered at the Kagem mine in Lufwanyama, was bought by one of the world’s leading gemstone and jewellery companies, Diacolor India. The emerald, named Insofu – baby elephant in the local Bemba language – is considered “exceptional” by industry experts because of its large size, clarity and colour. The emerald was named by Gemfields to reflect the company’s support for wildlife conservation as part of its wider commitment to ensuring responsible mining through social, environmental and economic contributions to Zambia. “This is a truly remarkable example of a spectacular gemstone from the Kagem emerald mine. We have rarely seen this in the seven-and-a-half years since we mined it in 2010; it’s an incredible piece and it’s definitely in the right hands,” Gemfields Chief Executive Officer, Sean Gilbertson.