8 April 2022

BBC One’s Dynasties II features the Zambian Carnivore Programme

The series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, features animals tracked with GPS/satellite collars that Gemfields’ funds helped to purchase.

Photo: Caz Sanguinetti/ZCP Zambia

Photo: Sandra Martens/ZCP Zambia


Photo: Sandra Martens/ZCP Zambia

On Sunday 3 April, BBC One’s Dynasties II told the compelling story of Kali, Zambia’s oldest known cheetah, and a lone mother of three enduring the challenges and hardships of raising cubs on the open plains of Liuwa, Western Zambia. This week, on Sunday 10 April, it will be Suma, the fearless leader of a spotted hyena clan, who steps into the limelight: revealing how challenging life in Liuwa can be, even for the dominant predator of the plains.

Both of these iconic mothers are part of the Zambian Carnivore Programme and have benefitted from their collaborative conservation work with the Zambia Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Africa Parks. From 2018 to 2020, Gemfields partnered with the Zambian Carnivore Programme, contributing USD 150,000 over three years. This contribution was primarily used for the purchase of GPS/satellite collars for threatened species across 34,500km², to help facilitate critical information and provide field-based protection from poaching snares and conflict. We are thrilled to see how our contribution is helping to ensure a greater future for Zambia’s carnivores, people and ecosystems.

Suma the Hyena on plain
Photo: Sandra Martens/ZCP Zambia
Kali the cheetah with two of her three cubs. Photo by Sandra Martens
Photo: Sandra Martens/ZCP Zambia

You can watch the four-part series on BBC iPlayer as well as on Amazon. For now the series is only available for viewing in the United Kingdom but Dynasties II will air on BBC America and on Google Play at a later date and will have subsequent showings worldwide.