13 February 2023

Give the gift of rubies or emeralds this Valentine’s Day

The day of love is upon us, and there is no better Valentine’s gift than a piece of fine jewellery glittering with glamorous coloured gemstones.


Rubies have been associated since ancient times with passion, prosperity and protection, their vibrant red hue embodying the essence of love; but emeralds are equally romantic, soothing emerald-green being the colour of the heart chakra.

February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day – an occasion for celebrating romantic love, and that often involves gifting. The obvious choice is a romantic red ruby – which dazzles in earrings or a necklace, bracelet or ring. The fluorescent red glow of a ruby has been prized by everyone from ancient warriors and the Chinese to the red-carpet denizens of today for its ability to bring glamour to any outfit.

Fabergé x Gemfields Treillage Brushed Rose Gold & Diamond Set Ruby Heart Surprise Locket
AYA x Gemfields Graduating Pendant Necklace

Mozambican rubies, such as those from Gemfields’ Montepuez mine, are some of the oldest, rarest and finest in the world – and many are unaware that rubies are also often more valuable per carat than colourless diamonds. Whether set in a locket by Fabergé, in a necklace by AYA, or earrings by the likes of Francis de Lara or there are no shortage of collections to choose from for romantic ruby gifts, many of these the product of Gemfields’ collaborations with its talented jewellery brand partners.

GFG x Gemfields Lily Earrings
Francis de Lara x Gemfields Kinee’s Love Earrings

For those preferring a fresh green approach to Valentine’s, the Donna Hourani x Gemfields ‘To Glory’ bracelet contains an exquisite Zambian emerald that literally represents love. It is part of The Bridge collection – which was inspired by the Rumi quote “love is the bridge between you and everything”. And what could be more romantic than that?

Backes & Strauss x Gemfields Queen of Hearts Red Rose
Donna Hourani x Gemfields To Glory Bracelet