29 November 2022

A newly equipped library to aid learning in Namanhumbir

The people from Namanhumbir in Montepuez now have access to a fully equipped library provided by Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM).


The new library, with 2,132 educational materials, will make a big difference in the village pupils’ lives. This unique space, as described by locals, will allow for the 105 families and the students of Wikhupuri Secondary School (over 420 pupils), to have better access to information for learning – which  is crucial for local development.

From textbooks and literature to laws and regulations this library will support local students to better understand their lessons and change the relationship between students and the education system throughout the Montepuez district. More importantly this is not restricted to the students but is available to anyone who wants to expand their minds.


The library is in the Wikhupuri Village within the Administrative Post building, connecting the curious readers with the local government. The community set to benefit most from the completion of Namanhumbir’s first library is that of Wikhupuri Village.

This library was built under the Resettlement Action Plan implemented by MRM. It will provide a valuable resource for school supplies. Gemfields  is the majority (75%) owner of MRM, and both  strive to empower local communities by establishing and refurbishing schools, building teachers’ accommodation as well as providing other support to local schools. In the words of the late President Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.