British Vogue & Gemfields

Louise Roe, Imogen Waterhouse and Margaret Zhang share their rituals with British Vogue and Gemfields and why they wear responsibly sourced emeralds and rubies and what these gemstones mean to them. Jewellery has always been a form of expression for women and modern women love expressing themselves in colour.

Louise is constantly on the move, travelling around the globe and it’s not all about glamour and shine on the red carpet, it involves a lot of research. Louise leads a holistic life and sustainability is important to her. She loves wearing rubies on the red carpet, they not only makes her look glamorous but also adds to her confidence.

Discover Imogen Waterhouse’s early morning rituals with her pup Marvin. She has a unique style and likes adding on some interesting pieces of jewellery to her everyday outfits. Jewellery is just not an accessory, it has deeper meanings and are linked to emotions. Emeralds symbolizes hope, Imogen’s mid

Margaret Zhang has established herself as a writer, director, photographer, stylist. She shares her rituals from her New York apartment as she goes through her day by composing music, cooking her favourite Chinese recipes and reading. Margaret loves wearing emeralds as it’s her birthstone.