30 March 2022

Work begins on a new computer lab, funded by the Gemfields Foundation

This new computer lab initiative will teach basic computer literacy and provide access to online educational tools for children currently residing in temporary camps in Mozambique and missing out on schooling.


Work is well underway on the new computer lab at Montepuez Secondary School, close to Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) and as the only public computer classroom in the area, this project has the potential to provide benefit to a wide number of users.

Funding for the lab – which will stretch to 113 square metres – was generously provided by private donors in Houston, Texas, and matched by Gemfields Limited. These funds were raised at an event hosted by the Correa Family Foundation and Fabergé. Gemfields Limited will provide ongoing support to the facility via its own IT department, who can ensure that things run smoothly.

In addition, MRM is also funding classrooms that will sit alongside the computer building, expanding the learning facilities available to internally displaced children.

The 30 Raspberry Pi desktop computers will be linked to educational websites, like the Khan Academy, provide (restricted) internet access, and there will be teachers on hand to facilitate learning and support the school’s existing security arrangements.

Construction of the facility is nearing completion, and we look forward to sharing further building progress as the computer lab takes shape!


The building was completed on  19 June. Computer equipment is currently being installed with the aim of opening on 15 July.