31 January 2022

MRM taxes fund new primary school in Mozambique

Cabo Delgado Governor inaugurates new government-built school, funded with taxes paid by Montepuez Ruby Mining. This is an ideal way to celebrate the start of the Cabo Delgado 2022 school year.


Governor Valige Tauabo presided over the opening of the Mpupene Primary School, which was built by the Government and paid for with tax revenues from Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM). This new construction aligns with MRM’s commitment to support the development of education in Mozambique. MRM’s three pillars of community development are education, health and livelihoods – all key drivers of progress.

“For Montepuez Ruby Mining, it is a proud moment to attend the inauguration of this school and to see that the taxes we have paid to the government are contributing to the development of Mozambique, in particular Cabo Delgado province, the district of Montepuez and local communities. It is possible in this moment to see that selling Mozambican rubies in a legitimate and transparent way is directly benefitting the local communities and is helping our country at the same time. May these vital efforts join our own initiatives to build schools and enable greater education, bringing a brighter future to the people of Mozambique, ”said Raime Pachinuapa, MRM’s Corporate Affairs Manager.


MRM has directly built and rehabilitated four primary schools since operations began in 2012 in Nanune, Mpene and Nseue villages. These have a combined capacity of 2,000 – and are therefore of great benefit to pupils from local communities.

Valige Tauabo said: “We have just handed over Mpupene Primary School, a new school, with new infrastructures that allow teachers and pupils to carry out their activities in a comfortable and dignified environment.” The school has three fully-equipped classrooms, an administrative block, four bathrooms and a water fountain. It was built with the aim of accelerating the teaching and learning process.