13 January 2021

Montepuez Ruby Mining donates essential supplies to displaced people in Cabo Delgado

On 13 January, MRM delivered food products to the Montepuez district government in Cabo Delgado province to support people that have fled to the Namanhumbir Administrative Post.

With the terrorist attacks in Cabo Delgado causing a humanitarian crisis, over 500,000 people are currently without shelter or food, having left their homes in search of safety. The number of people displaced is growing every day. The Administrative Post of Namanhumbir currently has about 6,000 displaced people staying in reception areas and family homes. MRM identified food as being an urgent necessity for these people, and as such provided 500 kits with basic food products at the reception points. On 27 April, MRM provided further supplies: 60 parcels of essential items to 60 displaced families in need of humanitarian aid. Delivered to the government for onward distribution, the kits comprised: rice, maize, sugar, beans and oil, as well as essential hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. "MRM engages with its local communities through an open dialogue with both transparency and respect, assuming its responsibility as the main development partner in the area in which it operates. We believe that these supplies will make a difference to these families," said Claudius Nhongonhema, MRM's Deputy General Manager. Given the context of rising numbers of Covid-19 cases and an increasing need to prevent contagion, MRM took the decision not to organise a public event in order to distribute the food itself. Instead, it made the delivery via a letter addressed to the district government, accompanied by the products themselves, and its distribution will be the responsibility of the district government who are better equipped to safely reach the people who need it.