1 July 2022

Ruby month is here!

As the vibrant birthstone for this high-summer month, rubies take centre stage in July. Their fiery red hue is a perfect match for this time of year, when the days are long and full of life.


Associated with passion, prosperity, and protection, rubies are considered auspicious by many… they are widely considered the ‘lucky’ colour in China, and adored by today’s A-listers, who wear them on the aptly named red carpet.

Rubies are rarer, and often more valuable, than colourless diamonds. An increasingly popular alternative to their colourless counterparts, they complement them beautifully: rubies and diamonds sit alongside one another in some of the most exquisite fine jewellery pieces. Valani Atelier, Margery Hirschey, Sandy Leong and Fabergé, have all collaborated with Gemfields on collections featuring popular rubies and diamonds.

Rubies make a strong style statement on their own, too, their striking red tone an ideal way of giving lift – and a pop of colour – to any look. They range in colour from orangy to blue-ish red, with intense, pure red rubies typically being the most coveted. But this is a matter of personal taste, with each ruby possessing a character all its own. Character – along with cut, colour, clarity, carat and certification – is one of the famous “6 Cs” that all buyers must consider when choosing a ruby to purchase.

Gemfields is a world-leading miner of responsible coloured gemstones, and the majority owner of the Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique, one of the most significant recently discovered ruby deposits in the world (where rubies were first found in 2009) and source of some of the most exceptional rubies ever seen.