5 June 2020

Gemfields Group COVID-19 Response

As the world continues to pull together to face the threat of COVID-19, Gemfields is busy doing all it can to ensure the health and safety of both its employees and of the citizens in communities surrounding its mines.

MOZAMBIQUE In Mozambique, this has meant a raft of measures implemented by Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) to mitigate contagion on operational sites and within the community. An emergency management team has been created to oversee the response, which is being coordinated with advice from the World Health Organisation and in partnership with the Mozambican government. MRM is supporting a set of initiatives at local, district and provincial level for the prevention of COVID-19. Most notably, it has mobilised tailors of the Namanhumbir Administrative Post to produce 8,000 face masks to distribute free of charge to communities. MRM purchased the capulana fabric that complies with the recommended specifications and distributed it to 27 tailors from nine communities, and then bought back some of the masks produced for the government to distribute to those at higher risk of contamination or likely to suffer complications with the disease. In addition, MRM supported local government through the acquisition of hand hygiene kits, which have been distributed to villages, as well as the disinfection of major public places. Furthermore, the team have supplied PPE, including masks, overalls, rubber boots, disposable pads, spray pumps and surgical masks, to local health authorities. The company is leading an awareness campaign by distributing flyers via mobile health clinics to ten villages, as well as providing information on preventative measures, such as social distancing, on two local radio stations. ZAMBIA In Zambia, Kagem Mining – the world’s largest emerald mine, which Gemfields part owns – is similarly helping the local community. Kagem has donated disinfectants, cleaning products and public health posters to Lufwanyama District Hospital, as part of its larger campaign to improve access to quality healthcare within society and to give local residents hope that the fight against COVID-19 can be won. “These materials will help stop the spread of COVID-19 and provide medical personnel with tools for fighting this disease,” said Prahalad Kumar Singh, Kagem’s General Manager, when he handed over the donation. “We have demonstrated that with unity of purpose we can fight COVID-19.” Kagem is now in the process of donating similar items to Nkana Clinic, as well as procuring 1000 masks and sanitisation items for distribution in Chapula, Kapila and Masasa schools, as well as the surrounding communities. The team is planning to distribute these items in first week of July. ETHIOPIA In consultation with the local authorities, Web Gemstone Mining (WGM) has procured essential food and medical provisions, including flour, oil, sugar and hand sanitiser, to support the most vulnerable members of the community during these uncertain times. The items are to be provided to the Web Kebele Administrator for onward distribution and use by the most needy and vulnerable people within the community, whose lives will be disproportionally affected by the pandemic. OPERATIONS All but critical operations are currently suspended at both MRM and Kagem to safeguard staff, to comply with national recommendations and as a result of supply chain restrictions. Protective measures were put in place prior to the suspension of operations, and these continue for those essential teams remaining on site. These measure include: employees and visitors arriving from outside Mozambique and Zambia being subject to stringent hygiene and quarantine measures; disinfectant and additional hand washing plants being placed strategically around the site; and employees being provided with ‘hygiene and safety kits’ (of gloves, wipes, mask, sanitiser) and educational materials and training explaining the virus (its symptoms and measures that may be taken to safeguard against it). FABERGE Fabergé Supports The Hunger Project’s COVID-19 Appeal On 28th May 2020, World Hunger Day, Fabergé is proud to reveal a new Rose Gold Rainbow Surprise Locket, which will raise funds for The Hunger Project’s COVID-19 Appeal until 31st August 2020. This beautiful piece comes with a heartfelt message embedded within as 50% of the purchase price (excl. VAT) from the sale of each piece will be donated to The Hunger Project UK, in support of their work empowering people across Africa, South Asia and Latin America. In conjunction with this launch, Fabergé will also be donating 50% of the purchase price (excl. VAT) from sales of their Colours of Love Multicolour and Rainbow Fluted Rings to the appeal. The rainbow has become a symbol of hope, unity and solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic, a reminder that after darkness comes light. Fabergé was inspired by this emblem of hope and has created a new surprise locket with a rainbow nestled inside to show support for those in crisis, and those working hard to protect the vulnerable. “During this challenging time, we must all stand together and show solidarity with global communities. At Fabergé, we are incredibly proud to be able to support The Hunger Project, who are working hard to fight the spread and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in communities across Africa, South Asia and Latin America,” says Antony Lindsay, Managing Director of Fabergé. He adds: “We have so much gratitude to all those dedicating their time to keep people safe and well. We are keen to put our customers’ purchasing power to good use during this time of global need.” The 18k rose gold egg locket opens at the touch of a diamond button to reveal a vibrant lacquered rainbow hidden within. The bursts of red, yellow and blue are accented with three round white diamonds and one round Gemfields emerald to symbolise light after a storm. Fabergé chose The Hunger Project as their charity partner for this initiative after learning about their sustainable ethos and grassroots mobilisation to empower and support communities during this pandemic and beyond. The Hunger Project believes that people are extraordinary and supports them to become agents of change in their communities so they can end hunger themselves, for good. The organisation’s sustainable approach means that in response to the pandemic, The Hunger Project has been able to mobilise over 500,000 trained local leaders in 12 countries around the world to help spread correct information and support to communities at risk, to make sure no-one is left behind. Fabergé encourages global communities to show their support for the remarkable individuals working on the front line and for those struggling during this pandemic by placing a colourful rainbow in their window and on social media. Customers and followers can download Fabergé’s very own rainbow template (included below), colouring in and writing a personal message of gratitude and solidarity. Fabergé will be re-sharing a selection of these digital posters over the coming weeks on social media. The Fabergé Rose Gold Rainbow Surprise Locket retails at £5,040/$5,775. The Colours of Love Multicolour and Rainbow Multicolour Fluted Rings retail for £2,520/$2,835. 50% of the purchase price* from the sale of each pendant and ring until 31st August 2020 will donated to The Hunger Project’s COVID-19 Appeal. To place an order, visit faberge.com or email sales@faberge.com.