14 May 2021

Eshed – Gemstar: The Journey

Eshed is a third-generation family-owned business led by Avraham Eshed who is joined by his sons Lior and Liran.


Avraham started working with emeralds more than 50 years ago, back in the 1960s, having learned the trade from his father, a diamond cutter in Tel Aviv. He liked the idea of working with natural gemstones and was instantly attracted to the pure beauty of the emerald, whose long history as a precious gemstone dates from the biblical times of 2000 BC, when the striking gems were mined especially for Cleopatra. With their high clarity and steady supply, Zambian emeralds seemed a perfect choice for Eshed’s growing business.


Eshed’s top advice for first-time emerald buyers is to buy from someone you trust – someone who is reliable and has experience in the gemstone and emerald industry and can provide information about the gemstone you wish to buy. It is equally important to look for someone with a big inventory of emeralds, who can offer several different types of gemstone; a large inventory also demonstrates that the company in question deals with emeralds on a regular basis, and therefore has the deep base of knowledge required to give buyers the best advice on which gemstone to buy.

Each emerald has its own characteristics. Hence, personal taste plays a big role when purchasing an emerald. Every buyer will have their own preference when it comes to hue – some prefer a more yellowish green, others a more bluish gem. Consumers should look out for the balance between the colour and the ‘Life’ or brilliance of the gemstone (known as its ‘lustre’), and when buying an expensive gemstone, always get a certificate or report from a reliable, well-known laboratory or institute. But the most important advice of all is the simplest: buy something that you like.

Purchasing an emerald is not as complicated as many think, as long as you trust and can verify the authenticity of the vendor. In fact, with sites like eshed.com, it can be as simple as a few clicks!