As an Africa-focused mining company, we are proud to partner with local conservation organisations that are dedicated to protecting Africa’s animals and working with communities to prevent illegal poaching.

Gemfields and Fabergé have long been involved in fundraising initiatives for conservation causes. From Emeralds for Elephants for the World Land Trust in London (2010) and Mumbai (2011), to the Fabergé Big Egg Hunts for the late Mark Shand’s Elephant Family charity in London (2012) and New York (2014), aiding conservation remains a key aspiration for Gemfields.

Most recently we sponsored and co-launched the “Walk for Giants” campaign.


Our Conservation Projects

Gemfields holds three-year philanthropic partnerships, in which we donate funds to each of our partners every year.

Our partners support key activities related to conservation and community work in national parks in Zambia and Mozambique, and report back to us annually on how the money has impacted the conservation of wildlife.

We work with:

  • Zambian Carnivore Programme
  • Niassa Carnivore Project
  • Quirimbas National Park

In addition, we support The Luwire Wildlife Conservancy and Fauna and Flora International, both of which are based in the Niassa Reserve in Mozambique.