About Fabergé

Fabergé is an iconic and prestigious name of exceptional heritage.

In 2007, the Gemfields Group bought up the Fabergé trademarks, licences, and associated rights, reversing the fragmentation of the brand that had taken place over the past 90 years. Gemfields also reinstated connections with the original Fabergé family, setting the stage for a new generation of authentic Fabergé designs.


Fabergé’s use of coloured gemstones stems back to Peter Carl Fabergé, best known for Fabergé’s iconic Imperial Eggs. Under his watch, artistic jewellers who worked for the house were inspired to “paint with coloured gemstones” to create remarkable, vibrant creations.


As a member of the Gemfields Group, Fabergé’s design team – comprising industry-leading craftsmen and in-house experts now have access to some of the finest gemstones in the world, and a canvas upon which to demonstrate the beauty of responsibly sourced rubies and emeralds.


Once again Fabergé is harnessing the skills of the best Swiss watchmakers, the best enamel-workers and the best gemstone suppliers to offer jewellery of exceptional quality and unrivalled heritage, complete with that inimitable Fabergé element of surprise, to delight clients across the world.

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