10 November 2021

Introducing DIACOLOR…

Gemfields is delighted to introduce DIACOLOR, one of India’s most iconic jewellery brands and an industry-leader in coloured gemstones and diamonds.


DIACOLOR’s designs regularly feature Gemfields Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies, combining traditional crafting techniques with contemporary styling to produce fine jewellery pieces of exceptional quality. DIACOLOR designs are modern and contemporary and draw inspiration from picturesque flora-fauna and the art deco movement. Designs are intricate and delicate, with an impeccable finish and each piece is unique and distinct.

Representing the very best of Indian jewellery design, DIACOLOR has a loyal following spanning the globe, and global hubs like Dubai, as well as style and screen stars who are drawn to its high-glamour designs, from shoulder-skimming earrings to statement rings, brooches and necklaces.


The ‘Romance of Rubies’ series features Mozambican rubies thoughtfully placed beside diamonds; the ‘Celestial Ruby Brooch’ boasts 41 Mozambican rubies weighing an impressive 45 carats; and the ‘Dazzle Drop Earrings’ are a show-stopper, dusting the shoulders and displaying the exquisite artistry of DIACOLOR. Emeralds feature just as prominently in the collection;  the ‘Emerald Shoulder Dusters’ sparkle with 50 Gemfields Zambian emeralds, while the ‘Majestic Bloom Ring’ sports a pear-shaped emerald of 26.49 carats centre stage.

Each handcrafted piece from DIACOLOR has a character and personality all its own: inspired by the spirit and passion of India and infused with the very best craftsmanship techniques and coloured gemstones of the highest calibre.

View this exciting collection here.