1 November 2022

Gemfields in exciting collaboration with House of Meraki

The House of Meraki x Gemfields J’aime collection marries the fine jewellery house’s passion for emeralds with Gemfields’ responsibly sourced Zambian gemstones.


Gargi Rathi discovered the rare beauty of emeralds in the markets of Zambia as a child. Now the so-called ‘Emerald Lady’ has her own brand, House of Meraki, devoted to her ‘first love’, with a lapidary in Jaipur and an atelier in London. The J’aime collection features stunning pieces with all emeralds sourced from the Kagem mine in Zambia.

Highlights of the collection include an Evil Eye bracelet, with an emerald at the centre of its penetrating gaze; a Starling necklace, with a delicate emerald moon and diamond star; an Alaska pendant, stringing together emeralds of different shapes ; and Jellyfish earrings, whose spindly diamond arms are adorned with emeralds. All are playful and feminine, with a sophisticated aesthetic.

The Kagem mine, majority owned and operated by Gemfields, is thought to be the world’s single largest producing emerald mine, from which some of the most exceptional emeralds have emerged; it currently accounts for around a third of the world’s emerald supply and places responsible sourcing at the heart of its operation.


Formed in the earth some 500 million years ago, East African emeralds are among the oldest on Earth. Their extraordinary bluish-green colour is a result of trace elements chromium and vanadium. When an emerald is unearthed from Kagem, it is brought out of the darkness and into the light for the first time in half a billion years – a true miracle of nature.

Gargi Rathi was ahead of her time, spotting the rare quality of Zambian emeralds so early in life. The House of Meraki J’aime collection is a love letter to emeralds, considered by many to be the most beguiling of the ‘big three’ coloured gemstones, and a beautiful showcase for these treasures from Kagem.

The J’aime collection, along with the rest of the House of Meraki range, is now available on both Farfetch (farfetch.com) and Net-a-Porter (net-a-porter.com), as well as on the House of Meraki’s own online platform (houseofmeraki.com).