12 May 2021

Celebrating Emerald Month – The Birthstone of May

One of the “big three” coloured gemstones – alongside rubies and sapphires – emeralds are twenty times more rare than colourless diamonds, and have been prized through the ages, for their opulent appearance, glowing green hue and association with an almost otherworldly ability to heal.


Romans believed emeralds could revitalise the soul; Indian Mughal emperors thought their greenness represented paradise; Moses and the early Christians saw them as representing the resurrection of Christ; and Cleopatra presented them to subjects as good luck tokens.

Fabergé Imperial Impératrice White Gold & Emerald Tassel Earrings

Emeralds remain a popular choice on the red carpet, green carpet and even everyday wear, as seen worn by Zoe Kravitz, Angelina Jolie, Dua Lipa and Saweetie, to name but a few.

Margery Hirschey Emerald Earrings
Backes & Strauss X Gemfields X Walk for Giants Timepiece

To celebrate emerald month, global insiders shared with us their favourite emerald jewellery – past and present – and what responsible sourcing means to them.

From Esquire to Luxury London, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia to Robb Report and Town & Country to Whitewall, to list but a few, we loved their insights! Enjoy!

Sandy Leong Diamond Pavé Origin Hoops with Emerald and Diamond Studs