28 April 2023

A new collection celebrating emeralds launches in May

House of Meraki and Gemfields have partnered on a stunning new collection featuring emeralds – the glorious birthstone of the month of May – exclusively available on Net-a-Porter.


House of Meraki is the world’s first emerald-focused fine jewellery brand – born out of founder Gargi Rathi’s passion for the glittering green gems she witnessed being sold at markets in Zambia as a child. Meraki Emeralds follows on from the label’s popular J’Aime collection and was designed to celebrate strong, independent women.

The Meraki Emeralds range features colourless diamonds, 18k gold and Gemfields’ responsibly mined Zambian emeralds, each one carefully chosen and sourced from the Kagem mine – the site of some of the most exceptional recently discovered emeralds, majority owned by Gemfields in partnership with the Zambian government. As a world-leading responsible miner and marketer of coloured gemstones, Gemfields is an ideal brand partner for Rathi.

Emeralds are at the centre of all the designs in the collection. Each piece has been handcrafted by skilled artisans and has the high quality and craftsmanship standards that are hallmarks of all Meraki designs.

Known as the “Emerald Lady”, Rathi’s obsession with emeralds and their inimitable beauty has not abated since childhood, when she saw them being sold on the side of the road by local miners when out shopping with her mother and was dazzled by their beauty and fresh green hue (a perfect mirror for the green shoots of Spring, making emerald an ideal birthstone for May).

Rathi is determined to make these timelessly elegant and sophisticated gems accessible to more women in their everyday life. In this new collection, the allure and radiance of the emeralds is meant to reflect the inner strength and beauty of the women who wear them: a symbol of empowerment and clarion call to women to embrace their individuality, overcome challenges and dazzle in every area of their lives.