About Gemfields

Our Story

Gemfields is a world-leading responsible miner and marketer of  coloured gemstones.

We specialise in emeralds mined from Zambia and rubies from Mozambique, and operate with transparency, legitimacy and integrity.

We love coloured gemstones. That’s why we also own Fabergé, one of the world’s most legendary names in jewellery. Together, we demonstrate the beauty of responsibly mined rubies and emeralds.


What We Do

We oversee the responsible mining and marketing of coloured gemstones from some of the world’s finest gemstone deposits, while ensuring they benefit as many citizens as possible.

With a great respect for the natural world and the communities that inhabit it, we believe that those who mine gemstones should do so with transparency, legitimacy and integrity.


Our Values

Three values inform everything we do:
transparency, legitimacy and integrity.







Our Mission

Gemfields’ mission is to be the global leader in African emeralds, rubies and sapphires, promoting transparency, trust and responsible mining practices.

Driven by our values and our belief that coloured gemstones should create a positive impact for the country and community from which they originate, we seek to do things differently. To maintain a considered balance between people, profit and the environment.

We partner with cutting-edge jewellery designers and some of the world’s most iconic brands to showcase coloured gemstones; we establish schools, health clinics and agricultural programmes to support our local communities.