7 June 2021

MRM to plant 3,000 trees by December

As part its ongoing commitment to environmental preservation, Montepuez Ruby Mining will plant 3,000 trees in Namanhumbir by December 2021.


Recognising the need to further support local efforts in environmental protection and conservation, MRM commenced a tree planting campaign in Namanhumbir in April 2021, which was unveiled on Saturday 5 June to coincide with World Environment Day.

MRM’s General Manager, Prahalad Kumar Singh led Saturday’s event symbolically planting a seedling in the garden at the Primary School of Nseue, in Namanhumbir.

The event forms part of the celebrations for World Environment Day, which takes place annually on 5 June, and was established by the United Nations in 1972, with the aim of raising global awareness of the importance of protecting and conserving the environment.

“When we talk about the environment, trees and their conservation immediately spring to mind. Right now, as we stand together under this beautiful tree, that someone planted maybe 30 years ago, we are reminded that we must continue to plant more trees, because they play a critical role in environmental protection and conservation,” said Mr Singh.

Since starting operations in Namanhumbir, MRM has been raising awareness of the benefits of environmental conservation amongst its local communities as well supporting the efforts of conservation partners in its host nation.

This focus on the environment is also reflected in MRM’s mining process, in which the team rehabilitates the areas they are no longer mining, back-filling them with soil and replanting, and MRM also recycles water and uses zero chemicals in the mining process.