4 July 2022

Margery Hirschey x Gemfields launch the Barcelona collection for Ruby month

New York-based designer Margery Hirschey has once again partnered with Gemfields on a sultry new collection centred on rubies and inspired by the ancient city of Barcelona.


The Margery Hirschey x Gemfields Barcelona collection was so named because it channels the timeless beauty, bustling street life, historic architecture and artistic spirit of this most beguiling of Spanish cities, with its cobbled streets and endless museums and galleries. Gemfields’ Mozambican rubies, from its Montepuez mine, are a perfect complement to this design aesthetic.

The timing of the launch could not be better, with ruby the fiery birthstone for the month of July. Comprised of three pairs of earrings and a pendant necklace, the collection is defined by thoughtful asymmetry, a Hirschey trademark, with squiggly lines and a simplicity that allows the raw materials to truly shine.


“Margery’s playful designs capture the energy and thrill of Barcelona, for which the lavish ruby could be the only choice,” explains Gemfields’ Marketing & Communications Director, Emily Dungey. “Worn for protection and believed to symbolise passion, rubies are like no other gem,” she adds. And the crown shapes within some of the pieces are a gentle nod to rubies being known as “the King of Gemstones”.


Movement is key to the collection, which was conceived after Hirschey’s maiden visit to Barcelona. The Star earrings appear as one large earring, but are actually three moving parts, which seem to dance delicately when the wearer moves. Inspired by ancient goldsmith techniques, but always slightly offbeat, Hirschey’s designs have succeeded in redefining what is meant by “fine jewellery”.


“I am very proud of this collection and hope others will appreciate these creations as little wearable sculptures,” says Hirschey, who has always made it her mission to blend classical tradition with a modern sensibility, much like the city of Barcelona itself.