20 July 2022

Latest update regarding Cabo Delgado insurgency

Montepuez Ruby Mining Limitada (“MRM”), in which Gemfields holds a 75% interest, is located in the Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique. There have been incidents attributed to insurgency in the province since 2017, with the most recent attacks in June and July of 2022 occurring at a closer proximity to operations than before.


Gemfields and MRM hold the health and safety of their employees and contractors as their highest priority and remain in regular contact with government authorities as well as closely monitoring developments. Given recent developments and the associated security review, operations continue with increased vigilance.

On 13 July 2022, an attack attributed to insurgent activity reportedly took place in the Muaja village area, which is some 30km by road from MRM. A large number of people are reportedly relocating to Nanhupo and Namanhumbir, where the mining operations are located.

During the week commencing 6 June 2022, several attacks attributed to insurgent activity occurred in the vicinity of Ancuabe, a town in the Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique. Ancuabe lies approximately 65 kilometres east-north-east of MRM, and 40 kilometres north of the N1 and N14 roads, the principal route used by MRM to travel to and from the coastal town of Pemba, the provincial capital. Most of the earlier insurgent activity has occurred more than 150 kilometres to the north-east of MRM.

June’s attacks reportedly included the killing of two employees of the Ancuabe Graphite Project owned by Grafex Limitada, a subsidiary of Australian company Triton Minerals Limited.

The insurgency incidents within Cabo Delgado are unrelated to the strikes and civil unrest reported in Mozambique’s capital city of Maputo, which lies some 1,600km to the south.