8 June 2022

Kagem renews University of Zambia scholarship funding

Kagem has committed a sum of USD 172,500 to fund scholarships for mining and geology students at the university.


Having first partnered with the University of Zambia in 2015, this renewal of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) demonstrates Kagem’s commitment to collaborating with educational institutions on matters related to training, research and human development with the aim of facilitating local participation in the mining sector.

Kagem Board Chairman Dr Sixtus Mulenga noted that there has, to date, been a scarcity of mining engineers and geologists in Zambia, and it is the hope that the scholarships made possible by Kagem will encourage young people to take on careers in the two fields.

At the MoU signing ceremony UNZA Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Annie Sikwibele, thanked Kagem for its desire to work with the university and urged the School of Mines to derive other benefits from this commitment that would see “innovative development” in the gemstone sector.